An automatic approach to building decontamination

The modular Room Decontamination System, or mRDS is a permanently mounted, fully automated decontamination solution for use in a variety of environments where the risk of infection may be present.

It uses the proprietary AeroClave Process™, utilizing an EPA-approved disinfectant, to decontaminate rooms and equipment.

Partial list of applications

* Fire and police stations

* Hospital rooms and operating suites

* Laboratories and research facilities

* Locker rooms

* Athletic facilities and equipment

* Schools and childcare facilities

* Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters

Designed and built to your specifications


Modular Design

The mRDS unit is the major component in the mRDS System, which also includes a myriad of safety and monitoring components that can be configured for the specific needs of your facility. The entire system provides a comprehensive solution to building decontamination.

With the use of multiple units, the system has the capability to scale to virtually any size facility.

Ceiling mounted mRDS hub
Pole mounted hub in vehicle bay.
Remote nozzle assembly
mRDS mounted on wall.

Integrates Seamlessly

The mRDS has been designed to easily integrate into existing facilities. The mRDS provides the most convenient, hands-off solution to decontaminate large-scale facilities quickly, safely, and effectively.

All reporting and system communications are provided through both email and optional text messaging to designated recipients.

Personnel may monitor and control the system from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Automatic Operation​​​​​​​

Decontaminate on a Schedule or on Demand

Scheduling your mRDS system is as easy as putting appointments on your calendar. Keep everyone up-to-date on schedule changes by using our email and text messaging features.

Maintenance is Automatic

We've thought of everything! Maintenance is automatically scheduled for you, so no need to worry about when to change the AeroClave fluid reservoirs.

And inventory is right there when you need it. Set safety stock levels and your ordering preferences, and the system will handle everything.

mRDS scheduler on tablet
Warning light outside WPPD gym.

Safety: Is in the Design​​​​​​​

The mRDS System has been designed with safety in mind. The system controls and monitors the entire process.

List of mRDS Safety Components

* Warning Lights

* Magnetic Door Locks

* Motion Detectors

* Wall-Mounted Touchscreens

* Emergency Stop Buttons

* Security Cameras

* Software Interface to Building Management System

* Email and Text Messaging to Key Personnel